Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hi all!

This is my card for The House That Stamps Built's DCC314 which was to make a sympathy card.

Here's the card:

I will need to get back to you on the supplies. In a short summary, they were:
stamps: Stampin' Up!- On Angel Wings; Fiskars stamps: Papertrey Ink-Mega Mixed Messages
ink: Memento in Tuxedo Black
card stock: Georgia Pacific white and a scrap of black I had lying around

I know I haven't been posting much, here's the story:
The other two of my dogs started getting territorial about food. I thought just separating the food bowls would work, but my Corgi is too big a bully and she picked a fight with my huge Retriever, Bella. There was blood drawn and the Retriever actually clamped down on the Corgi's head and wouldn't let go. However, she didn't leave puncture marks on the Corgi, just a gash from a fang scratch. No, the one with puncture bites was me on my hands. I also got a few gashes and bruises in the process. The worst is over- the bloody parts have healed and closed. What worried me the most was when the bites on my hands turned into huge blisters and were seeping liquid. I thought I'd lose a finger from infection. Thank God no such thing happened. However, from the tension I suffered a back spasm on a very vulnerable area between my neck and shoulder, which had gotten really hurt in a car accident a few years back (I had a huge lump on there for several months after the accident and looked like I was growing another head!) and I've been on pain medication and anti-imflammatory drugs for a few days now. I wish I could create more but I'm VERY drugged and groggy and sleeping most of the day (and night!). So I'll be on a short break for a while. I'll be posting, just not every single day like I was. Hopefully this will be temporary. I miss creating and having something to do all day, lol. But nothing seems to come out right when I'm drugged. I mess up stamping, cutting, everything! So bear with me, sweet followers, and thanks in advance for your patience. 

Thanks for looking!

ps- the dog issue's been resolved by feeding them one at a time in the morning and one at a time during late afternoon. I'll feed them one by one twice a day and that way there's no single source of food left around for them to want to fight over. Before, there were 3 feeding stations inside (each one belonged to a different dog) and I served each one their portion during early morning and took it away by 9:30 pm if anything was left. I haven't had problems with this set-up before but I guess they've been hormonal or something. In fact, the Corgi just got her rabies shots so maybe she was feeling cranky and icky. 

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