Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Show and tell *wink*

  Hi all! These are my first attempts at coloring with Copic markers. I've been reading up on Marianne Walker's blog http://ilikemarkers.blogspot.com/ which is SO helpful. I need to practice lots before I can get to HER level, though. I'm not sure who made these images. They came from my stash of stamped images which I had acquired long ago. If anyone can tell me who made them, I would appreciate it very much! 

These are my newly acquired markers. Copic Sketch one and all. Abominable storage, but only temporary. I'm having a custom piece built. It is on my father's queue *wink*

   I LOVE having so many colors to choose from. I think there's 300 markers in here. I have to count them. I bought them as a lot, used, on Ebay, which saved so much work and effort AND money. It would have been way more expensive and time-consuming buying them individually. There's still a few colors I need to add, such as the Toner grays. I have to look at which colors I have and check to see if I NEED any other colors apart from those. New colors are released every once in a while, so will also have to look at those.

Coming soon: a scrapbook page made using the images I colored.

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